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Thrill of Asia – China

Come face to face with Chinese and say, Ni Hao!

That means hello in China.

Excitement Has Just Begun
Quick Facts
Name:  People’s Republic of China
Population:  1.37 billion
Capital: Beijing
Language:  Standard Chinese
Currency:  Renminbi (Yuan) (CNY)
Time zone:  CST (UTC +8)

Country Information

China covers approximately 9.6 million square kilometres making it the 2nd largest country by land area. It is not only the country with the largest population in the world but it is also one of the largest economies laying claim to being the world’s largest exporter and 2nd largest importer of goods.

It is a country of incredible cultural history boasting one of the earliest ancient civilisations dating back to around 2800 BC. Its landscape is equally rich in diversity, ranging from its forest steppes, its deserts in the north and subtropical forests in the south to its 14,500km long stretch of Pacific Ocean coastline. All of this makes China an incredible and exciting place to be, both in what it has to offer today and the story of its past.

China Programs

Culture Week

Guilin - China - € 240 Euros Per Week

Come face to face with China and say ni hao! This introductory week is the first step towards a great experience in a new country.

Panda Conservation

Chengdu - China - € 1080 Euros Per Week

Chubby black and white cute bears, chewing on bamboo, peaceful yet playful at times, it’s hard not to be charmed by the Giant Panda! Minimum Stay 1 Week Only

Kindergarten Care

Guilin - China - € 225 Euros Per Week

Kindergarten Care in Guilin – China, Engage with the local Chinese kindergarten/preschool in this town as a teacher for its young children…if you love being with kids, this program is for you.

Disabled Children's

Zhanjiang - China - € 225 Euros Per Week

Disabled Children’s in Zhanjiang – China. Experience China’s lifestyle and culture whilst assisting and caring for children with autism in Zhanjiang city!