Culture Week!

Guilin – China

€ 240 Per Week

Culture Week – Guilin 

Come face to face with China and say Ni Hao! This introductory week is the first step towards a great experience in a new country.

It is designed so that you can begin to understand the Chinese ways of doing things. It is a fun filled week that is dedicated to getting to know China and some of its cultural aspects first hand. You will also get time to meet the local people, bond with fellow participants, taste the local cuisine and become familiar with the Chinese customs.

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Program Details
Program Description

Given its objective – learning about traditional, rural Chinese culture, it is appropriate that this week takes place in Guilin’s rural Fengyan village. There are many opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture with visits to local villages, a Confucius temple and a Guan Gong temple, local fairs and some amazing natural scenery sites.

Whilst it has the longest written history in the world, and despite its staggering economic performance and entry onto the world stage, as heralded by the Beijing Olympics, China remains an enigma to many.

Of all Asian countries, it is perhaps the least understood. This program takes you beyond the headlines that appear in the Western press, away from politics, away from the big cities and the normal tourist attractions.

It takes you into the traditional lives of the rural communities. It helps you to understand their culture and everyday activities. It takes you beyond hearing about the issues of ‘face’ and ‘guanxi’ to a real understanding of what they mean. You will visit an old traditional house – but also understand its deep significance within the land reforms.

You will go to the Confucius temple, not just to look, but to understand what it meant and how it felt to be the number one scholar in the Emperor’s examinations and you will experience the route through the temple that only he could travel.

You will learn how to make dumplings, taste oil tea, and learn the rudiments of the language, practice calligraphy, as well as some of the rituals. Through a range of activities: learning sessions, visits, sightseeing and hands-on practical cooking/craft sessions, you will gain a deeper appreciation for what China gave, and continues to give, to the world.

But we also focus on developing a practical understanding of everyday China, beyond its cultural roots. It is the ideal start point for anyone visiting China.

It is a programme developed and delivered by Chinese people after careful research into what westerners really want to know. You will be with both Chinese and Westerners; discussing cultural differences not in an academic sense but in reality.

There is only one rule: if you want to know anything – ask!

Aims & Objectives
  • Give you a real insight into authentic Chinese culture
  • Get you to feel comfortable in your new surroundings
  • Help you learn phrases and understand the culture you will be engaging with