Disabled Children’s

Zhanjiang  – Chia

Cost: € 225 Euros Per Week

Disabled Children’s

Disabled Children’s. Experience China’s lifestyle and culture whilst assisting and caring for children with autism in Zhanjiang city!

Disabled children in this village are usually from families that are required to work and cannot afford caretakers at home. You will help take care of these children by feeding them, comforting them, play games with them and helping to make them more socially active and confident.

What’s Included?
Airport PickUp
24/7 Emergency Help
Accommodation And Food
What’s Not Included?
Travel Health Insurance
Lunch On The Weekends
Personal Expenses
Airport Drop
Flights, Visas (if required)
Program Details
Program Description

These disabled children centre houses around 20 local children with autism.

These children are around the ages of 4-8 years old. They spend the whole day in the centre playing and learning with other children and teachers. They have simple classes every day such as drawing, sports, music and so on.

The main role you will play at this project is caring for the children. This will be in the form of comforting them, playing games and socialising with them.

Daily physiotherapy routines may be carried out for the children to help them develop themselves, in which you can play a part.

But other activities encouraged and greatly enjoyed by the children too, for example playing games, dancing and singing, painting, art and other means of creativity, are all encouraged for the children.

Aims & Objectives
  • Support disabled children so they can have a better / happier life.
  • Get an insight into the local way of working.
  • Gain experience in teaching and in taking care of the disabled.