Thrill of Asia

Quick Facts
Name:  Mongolia            
Population:  3.08 million            
Capital:  Ulaanbaatar or Ulan Bator        
Language:  Mongolian            
Currency:  Tugrik             
Time zone: UTC +7/+8

Country Information

Mongolia is a landlocked sovereign state in East Asia between China and Russia. Its area is roughly equivalent to the historical territory of Outer Mongolia. With only 1.7 people per km², Mongolia has the lowest population density among all independent countries in the world, and it is this vast and majestic emptiness that is bringing the traveller, as it does, into close communion with nature and its nomadic inhabitants. Ulaanbaatar or Ulan Bator is Mongolia’s capital and largest city. The city is not part of any Aimag (province), and its population as of 2015 was over 1.4 million; almost half of the country’s total population. The city was founded in 1639 as a nomadic Buddhist monastic centre. In 1778, it settled permanently at its present location, the junction of the Tuul and Selbe rivers. The Mongolian capital elicits as much shock as it does excitement.

Mongolia Programs

Mongolia Teaching

€ 330 Euros Per Week

 Ulaanbaatar  – Mongolia

On this teaching program, in the beautiful Mongolian setting, you will have the opportunity to teach children a variety of English based subjects.

The week will consist of preparing lessons and teaching children at a local school. You will also be able to teach a whole class on your own or with other participants at the local school and experience a different lifestyle.