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Thrill of Asia


Quick Facts  
Name: Kingdom of Thailand
Population: 67 million
Capital: Bangkok
Language: Thai
Currency: Baht (THB)
Time zone: UTC +7

Country Information

From trekking in the beautiful mountains of the north to enjoying the glorious beaches in the south and experiencing the hustle and bustle of the metropolis that is Bangkok, Thailand is certainly not a country that lacks variety.

Whilst it really is at the heart of Southeast Asia, bordered by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, its cultural identity remains very unique. As the only country in Southeast Asia to avoid European powers, the Thai are proud to refer to themselves as ‘The Land of the Free’ and many tourists might also know it as ‘The Land of Smiles’ due to its friendly people.

Clay House Construction

Singburi – Thailand – € 240 Euros Per Week

Adding cement layer Thailand
Test your teamwork and creative skills by building clay houses using traditional construction methods and natural resources!

Gibbon Encounter 

 Mae Sot- Thailand – € 540 Euros Per Week

Gibbon Encounter program ThailandCare for gibbons by preparing their food, feeding them, cleaning their enclosures and providing them with affection in a sanctuary setting.

Thai Boxing

Singburi – Thailand – € 225 Euros Per Week

Thai Boxing program ThailandLearn the art of Muay Thai in the country where it was originated. The program is led by a provincial champion and he will not go easy on you!

School Placement

Singburi – Thailand – € 225 Euros Per Week

School Placement - ThailandGive back to the local rural community students by teaching English in one of the many schools in and around Singburi.

Temple School Effort

Singburi – Thailand – € 225 Euros Per Week

Temple School Effort program ThailandContribute your sweat equity and enthusiasm in construction and renovation efforts to improve the standards of temple schools

Hill Tribe Immersion

Akha Homestay – Thailand – € 495 Euros Per Week

Thailand Akha kid with participantGet immersed in the world of the Akha people, experience fun cultural activities and the natural surroundings of one of the most sublime parts of Thailand. 

Jungle Trek

Suphan Buri – Thailand – € 450 Euros Per Week

Jungle TrekCrawling through caves, meeting hill tribes, lighting a bonfire and sleeping under the stars will be just some of the highlights of this week in the jungle!

Road Trip

Around Thailand – € 450 Euros Per Week

Road Trip Thailand 3 weeksThis 21-day adventure will take you down to the south to enjoy some of the country’s most exotic beaches, up to the north to discover the wonders of Chiang Mai to Hill Tribe village.

Forestry Conservation

Wang Nam Khiao – € 225 Euros Per Week

Forestry ConservationWork with park rangers to preserve the nature of Wang Nam Khiao. Your week will be packed with fieldwork, tree planting, wildlife monitoring and more!

Beach Yoga

Hua Hin – € 450 Euros Per Week

Beach Yoga

Experience the ancient art of Yoga in a beautiful beach location…Yoga has a lot of health benefits, especially when you are breathing the fresh ocean air!