Thrill of Asia


Quick Facts

Name:            Socialist Republic of Vietnam  
Population:  92 million      
Capital:         Hanoi        
Language:    Vietnamese      
Currency:     Vietnamese Dong (VND)  
Time zone:   UTC +7        


Country Information

One frequent thing to hear is that it has not yet been subjected to the western influence that Thailand and, to an extent, Cambodia have been. The Vietnamese still tend to prefer their traditional cuisine to the fast-food chains that seem to be taking over the world. Vietnam is currently the world’s 13th most populous country and occupies 331,211 square kilometres. Today, although scarred by its past, Vietnam is a fast-growing economy helped by tourism that its interesting history and beautiful sights draw in.

Aside from the beautiful countryside of the north, rice fields and beaches, Vietnam is a country that is very much on the move. Roads are being upgraded, new hotels are opening everywhere and its cities are fastly developing.

Vietnam Programs

Medical Placement

 Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam – € 360 Euros Per Week

Have an eye-opening observational experience at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh. This program is ideal for persons currently working or studying in the medical field.


 Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam –  € 280 Euros Per Week

KindergartenLend a helping hand as a caretaker for young children at a local kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh. Play games, sing songs and teach basic English.

Food Shop

 Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam – € 280 Euros Per Week

Sorting out napkinsAssist with food preparation, serving and clean-up at this amazingly dedicated food shop, providing low cost, healthy meals to vulnerable locals in need.

Culture Week

 Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam –  € 360 Euros Per Week

Culture Week-VietnamThis action-packed week combines Vietnamese culture, both contemporary and historic, through visits to historic monuments, workshops and more!

Disabled Children

 Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam – € 270 Euros Per Week

Assist in the caretaking of special children afflicted with mental and physical disabilities at this city’s local hospital.

Campus Life – Teaching

 Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam –  € 270 Euros Per Week

Campus LifeTeaching with a twist! Help students your own age with your advanced English skills, in a two-way learning process that will allow for great cultural exchange!